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An account with Paylike is all you need to accept payments through Visa and Mastercard. You don't need a “PSP” or an “acquirer”. With Paylike you have the technical partnership (PSP), and we make the banking agreement, the so-called merchant account, on your behalf at our acquiring partner bank.

Create an account or login here.

If you are technical and prefer to use our API directly you can create your account, capture payments and everything just by following our API documentation. If you are merely a human, like me writing this, you can see how to create a live account on Youtube.


Once you have a created a live account you are ready to accept payments from your customers. Before you can move your funds from your Paylike account to your regular bank account, we need to approve you. Read about the account approval process here (it's simple, don't worry).

Supported countries

To open an account with Paylike, you will need a registered company or citizenship from one of these countries.

Individual without a business license

If you are an individual without a registered business license you might still be qualified to open an account with Paylike. Read more about the requirements here.

Website and app requirements

We have some simple requirements for your website/app to ensure that you comply with the law and the rules and regulations of Visa and Mastercard.

See our website and app requirements here.

When you create a live account you accept our terms of service.


When you accept payments through credit card, Paylike is extending you a line of credit when settling transactions to your account within days or weeks. Read how and why we apply a reserve to your account.


Receive your funds in one of our 12 account currencies. Accept payments from your customers in any currency.


The descriptor you set on your account is the one shown on your customers bank account statement.

Read what to write in your descriptor here.

Settlement (payouts)

Once your account has been approved, you will begin to receive settlements from your Paylike account to your designated bank account. Read how the settlements are done and on what schedule here.


With the dashboard you can manage your account, create payment links, handle transactions and much more.

See our guide for using the dashboard here.


No more waiting for your statement to be prepared or fees to be calculated. With Paylike, you can grab your account statement for e.g. reconciliation and bookkeeping directly from our dashboard.

Learn how to get and use your account statement here.