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Account approval

The account approval process at Paylike has three steps:

  1. You create a live account and can immediately accept payments on your website/app
  2. You submit the required information and documents regarding your business
  3. We review your integration and business case to approve your Paylike account

A regular account approval takes 1-3 business days*. We strongly encourage you to start the integration with Paylike right away. The below are merely practicalities. 99% of all normal businesses are approved by us.

* Some businesses may only use Paylike upon receiving a pre-approval. See our restricted businesses here.

1. Creating a live account

If you have not already created a live account, you can do it here. See a walkthrough of how to create a live account on Youtube in less than 30 seconds.

With a live account, you can accept payments from your customers. You can make reservations (authorisations) on your customers Mastercard and Visa cards which guarantee you will be able to capture the reserved amount (transfer the money from the card holder's account to your Paylike account) in up to 180 days after you made the reservation.

You will not be able to capture the payments before we have completed step 3 and notified you.

Once you have submitted the documents on your live account, we begin our approval process.

2. Submitting information and documentation through the Paylike dashboard

Every bank and payment institution in Europe must comply with the anti-money laundering regulation which requires us to identify and verify the owners and directors of the business owning the account.

See what we require here.

You can submit the information and documentation regarding your business directly through the Paylike dashboard by clicking the ⓘ icon on your live account.

Please note that we can only start the review your business case and approve your account after you have completed step 2.

3. Review of your business and approval of your Paylike account

At this step we check that your website/app, business model and product are:

  1. Legal according to the law
  2. Adhere to the rules and regulations of Visa and Mastercard*
  3. Accepted by us

99 % of all regular businesses are accepted by us and adhere to the law and the rules and regulations of Visa and Mastercard. A few types of businesses require an upfront review by us, typically so-called high-risk which are more complex. See our restricted businesses here and read about pre-approval here.

Step 3 is done in the background so that you can accept payments all while completing your account setup. If you have any questions about the account approval process, do not hesitate to contact us.

See our website and app requirements here.

To read more about the rules and regulations for Visa and Mastercard see the following links: