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Over-the-phone payments (MOTO)

With Paylike you can accept over-the-phone payments, traditionally referred to as MOTO (Mail order, telephone order), where you receive the card details from your customer and manually enter them into Paylike to create a new payment*.

Manually creating payments on behalf of your customers are, however, not something we recommend as it requires significant security and compliance work with PCI and it exposes you to fraud as the customer does not verify the card payment.

Therefore, we generally recommend guiding your customers to your website or utilizing our payment link feature instead, where you send a link e.g. via email or text to your customer for them to finalize the payment. This way, you don't have to handle sensitive card details and the payment is made by the cardholder which significantly reduces your risk of processing a stolen card.

If you are interested in setting up your Paylike account for MOTO, please get in touch.

* To manually create payments on behalf of your customers you must be approved to do so by Paylike.